In The Arms of the Enemy


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Amazon 5 star review  *****

By Suzanne Valente on February 17, 2007


    For a short time in my life I became interested in Romantic Suspense. Patricia Guthrie has renewed this interest a bit if only to eagerly await her next .

    Authors today seem to have an excess of sex, violence and curse words in their books. IN THE ARMS OF THE ENEMY has none of these things overdone. As a matter of fact the curse words that others seem to think are necessary to writing are absent from Ms. Guthrie's book. The other two are done to a level adequate to this grand read, which delights me to no end.
    Ms. Guthrie uses a storm to set the scene for big troubles to come and she has a spinning wheel of suspects that keeps one actively involved in the plot.
    In short spurts you grow to dislike a character and then in a brief scene you begin to see another side and then the author kills the character. At the moment I found this character was dead, I screamed and hollered at Patricia with all the fury within my soul. She evoked such emotion in me that I for one cannot wait to read her next book. I also thank her for sharing her creative soul with us. Great job, Patricia.