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Historical Romance

Dove Collect is a unique series that is set to span over a century begins with two opposing viewpoints of a war that carved out this nation, as we know it today. The story begins in late spring of 1861, an explosive period of our nation’s past, when the looming presence of war was inevitable.


"Rebel Dove" comes to life with all the energy, passion, and brashness of America in her tumultuous youth while "Virtuous Dove" captures a sedate traditional look on life as it was in Victoria England. The two main characters, Felicity, a sweet, demure, and virtuous daughter of the South, and Elise a woman who is  passionate, rebellious and a manipulative spoiled Southern Belle both come to understand that life is not always how we believe it to be.

One will lose everything to fight for what is right. The other will risk everything to preserve all that is wrong. In the end, both will be redeemed through the power of forgiveness and true love.  Two women whose paths are destined to cross when unforeseen circumstances lead them to post Civil War in the already released sequels of the Doves Collect series, "Dove’s Migration" book three and through the Industrial Age in "Soiled Doves" book four. The remaining eight books of the series are due to be released beginning in 2011.