Coffee Break
Sher Hames Torres here with some exciting news!

LSP Digital has launched a new line, Coffee Break Reads. These are, just as the title suggests, e-stories a reader can download and carry with them
to read anytime. Our inaugural releases will be holiday stories, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and Valentines, and we want every genre
represented, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Western, and so on. We're even going to have a section for children's stories and Young Adult.

Where else can you go to download a heartwarming holiday story to read to your kids?
But, that doesn't mean that's all CBRs will be. Slowly, we'll be
adding more and more: everyday stories in fiction, as well as a non- fiction area with self-help articles. Eventually, I'd like to start an area for
research articles for authors to offer writing tips, information on areas they are proficient in, and articles on cities, towns that can provide that little
touch of authenticity to your stories as well as help with settings. So, if you have a story you think will work, send it to me.

CBRs are a great way for you, the author, to make some quick money as well as get your name out there to your fan bases---or if you're just starting
out, get your name out there and form a fan base. This also will give you, the author, a chance to have more say in your release. Granted, this is a
submission process, and of course, as such, everything coming in for publication will be on the publisher's approval. But, and this is a big, once your
story is accepted, you will have input on editing, cover art, and whether you want a one year or two year renewable contract.

I'm assuming you are just rolling with questions, so here's the skinny...

CBRs will consist of the following word counts and prices for each: 10K...$1.99, 15K...$2.99, 25K...$3.99, 50K...$4.99, 75K...$5.99, and 100K+...$6.99.

Authors will receive 45% royalty on each and every download.

These stories must be in the most pristine edited condition before they will be considered for publishing.

Now, if we feel a story has potential to be great, but falls a little bit south of the bar, we will be forming critique groups for our authors to work with
other LSP
Digital authors for everything from brainstorming to editing. For those of you who've been, or are part of a crit group, you know how
invaluable they can be. Personally, I have been with my current crit group for nearly 10 years and would be completely lost without them.

You have the choice of providing an author photo to be used as a cover, for which LSP
Digital will format with title and authors name at no charge. If
you would like an alternate cover, we can put you in touch with cover designers to work with you to design your cover
, with publisher giving final

In addition to these new stories, LSP
Digital will be offering you a step further. Ever been a part of a fiction anthology? Your story nestled in there
with three, four, five or more authors' stories and contracted for a couple years as one big old cake with profits split among you? Ever make any
money on those? I think my last royalty check for last
quarter was less than a quarter. Cost me more to cash the check than the check was written for. We're selling, just not making anything on the

Well, if you have those stories, and have
1) retained your rights to the story, and
2) are out of your former contract, LSP Digital will include them in CBRs to be sold as reprints. I stress, we will only be reprinting stories you have
formerly had contracted. If someone paid you money for the story before, we want to provide a place where you
can continue to sell it.

These reprints will sell for $.99, regardless of word count. Now, if that seems low to you, consider this...when the contract for an anthology is over,
those books can't be sold any longer by the publisher or any single one of the anthology authors. However, a reader can resell the book with the
author receiving no royalty. A reader can purchase that book at a used bookstore for $3 or $4, and the author receives no royalty. But if you
re-publish your out- of-contract novella with LSP Digital's CBRs, you're going to collect $.45 on each download. That beats the heck out of my measly
$.23 share.

Those of you doing NANO this month, why not pen a few holiday stories and send them to me for the CBRs. Sure would be a great way to end this
year and begin a great new year.

Send me your submissions at

I look forward to working with you.
Happy Writing!

For those interested in submitting your short stories and novels for "Coffee Break Reads" below are the formatting required guidelines.

Accepted documents:
WORD - doc
Adobe PDF

size: Standard Paperback Trade - 6" x 9"

single spaced

Font: Times New Roman

Size: Text -11
     Chapter Header - 14
     Title - 24 BOLD
     Chapter Name - 24
     Tilde - 18 BOLD

Dedication,  Acknowledge or other headers - 14 Italic

Margins:        Top - 1"
             Bottom - .75"
             Inside - .5"
             Outside- .5"
             gutter - .38"

Header: .5"

Footer: .4"

First line indent for paragraph: .25"

NO Line spacing before or after paragraphs

Page numbering: center